Karel Murray, CSP, DREI

Get unfettered, positive advice and information presented in an engaging, collaborative way as Karel Murray guides you to the solutions and advice you need to make your life and career altering decisions.

We had the pleasure of booking Karel Murray to address our top REALTOR® as well as our Leadership Team. If your organization needs a shot of adrenaline and looking for someone who understands the Real Estate world, Karel will make your event a success!”- Pat Riley, President/COO, Allen Tate Family of Companies

 Featured Sessions

NEW! Meeting with Meaning: How to Run Efficient Committees  Run meetings that are effective and don’t drone-on-forever! Learn how to get to the point quickly, provide attendees with a common purpose, and spur energy to achieve assigned tasks. Sound impossible? Not when you can leverage time, technology, and techniques to bring meaning and progress back to the meeting table. Find out how in this intense, fast-paced session!

NEW! The Cohesive Leadership Playbook  Are you leading from the huddle or directing from the sidelines? Would your team agree with your answer? You can adapt your leadership style to a changing economy and to a workforce that wants to work with you, not just for you.

  • Unflinchingly evaluate your business using the concept of “Auto Focus”
  • Find out how to empower your team to happily embrace new technologies
  • Compare where you are now with where you need to be in order to lead the group
  • Identify how the “us” in a business plan can create buy-in and long term benefits
  • Map out a decision-making process that’s both flexible and rational

This is a session ready to re-inspire you with leadership’s possibilities –and a Playbook to show you the ways.


Straight Talk for the Managing Broker  (offered as keynote or workshop) Watch a Promo Video Ever shaken your head after a transaction closed and wondered What Happened? Did the internal training and relationships you have in place help this situation…or create it? During this highly interactive course, Managing Brokers will get in-depth information about

  • The essential elements needed to creating a positive corporate culture
  • Creating an efficient new agent on-boarding system
  • Effectively coaching sales associates
  • Establishing a high level of retention through attention to detail
  • Fine-tuning employee performance
  • Smoothly managing situations

Don’t expect a lot of theory!  Karel’s content will be direct, applicable and specific: giving you the direction, skills, and motivation you need to thrive in a changing market.


Keynote The Language of Intent: How Self Talk Transforms Outcome

“If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.” – Yogi Bara

Take back control and shape your career by exploring the languages of Self-Created Barriers, Denial–No More, Reality, Belief and Action. Karel Murray, CSP, DREI shows you how your outcomes can be transformed through effective self-talk and intentional strategy that fits your style.

Karel Murray is the true master of storytelling and her keynote The Language of Intent is a masterpiece. She doesn’t just take the audience on her personal journey, but on a meaningful personal journey for each audience member that contains valuable life lessons. It’s truly an amazing experience that provides personal growth on a deeper level.”
-Cindi Ferguson, Professional Development Director, REALTORS of South Central Kansas

Apply ICE! Build Business with the Incredible Customer Experience  Download a Flyer   Download a Reprintable Article

IceCubesRapidly shifting attitudes, loyalties, and expectations need to be met with solid service: online AND face-to-face. You need ICE! Make your customer service remarkable; provide the Incredible Customer Experience that today’s marketplace demands. This interactive session shows you how to evaluate your business processes and then plan a sure footed path to consumer confidence, trust, and enthusiasm about the “cool” services you offer.
You’ll learn how to

  • Survive and thrive amidst constant change.
  •  Harness technology to enhance communication and the client connection.
  • List the steps to generate a genuinely interactive and consumer-centric business model.
  • Use the most effective service practices and tools to create great moments of magic in the relationship.
  •  Work closely with clients to problem solve and complete tasks in a way that meets their expectations.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Join Karel Murray, CSP, and find out how ICE can heat up your business.

We were excited to feature Karel Murray at LeadingRE’s Performance Summit this February.  I knew Karel’s style of educating through story-telling would not only capture our agents’ attention, but also empower them with memorable tools and takeaways to begin putting into practice immediately.  Her session reviews were exceptional and we look forward to having her back at the LeadingRE conference next year.  If you’re looking for a charismatic and engaging trainer, I would recommend Karel Murray.”

-Erin Koops, VP of Network Services, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World

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